Musica Film - Vendita online di DVD musicali e DVD film.
Un grande catalogo con novità, rarità, b-movie e film d'essai. La gestione del database prevede l'inserimento quotidiano e costante di tutte le novità su DVD, HD DVD e Blu-ray Disc (BD) dal mondo della musica (concerti live, compilation di successi e best of) e del cinema (film, serie TV, fiction televisive, documentari).

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Help - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is non online purchase possible?

    A: Yes, you just have to contact our shop in Modena, P.le Natale Bruni, 14.

  • Q: Is it possible to send advices or suggest changes in movies or music DVD profiles?

    A: Not immediately, buy we plan to open a special section that will allow users to modify and submit movie profiles (including biographies, reviews, creation of profiles of artist still not in our database, etc...), which will be put online after a proper verification by our experts.

  • Q: How many items can I order?

    A: It's possible to order up to 3 (three) copies of the same product, and up to 10 (ten) different products. For larger quantities, please contact us by mail, telephone or skype. These limits will be resetted after your order is confirmed.

  • Q: Are delivery costs always the same?

    A: We reserve the right to make discounts on delivery costs in case of particularly large orders made contacting us directly through the above mentioned ways (discounts may vary and will be agreed on each time).

  • Q: How can I pre-order a DVD?

    A: The procedure is the same as for buying available DVDs. Of course, the delivery time will depend on the release date of the item.

  • Q: Are there any special offers?

    A: Yes, and all items in discount are easily recognizable, since they display both the original and discounted price. It's possible to view all the discounted products by clicking on View All Special Offers in the Offer panel (upper right-hand side on the Homepage).

  • Q: How can I search by using a particular field?

    A: The use of the search system is explained in the How To Browse The Site section.

  • Q: What's the groundbreaking idea behind this site, and what can I find here that I won't find on any other DVD website?

    A: An advanced, complete and extremely selective search system and, above all, a founding philosophy that promotes a correlation between Music and Cinema, so to have a complete overview of all the products featuring the selected artist.

  • Q: What if an item arrives damaged? How can I replace it?

    A: You can return an item, following the regulations in force, by keeping the consignment note and above all the SIAE coupon (should it be stuck on the external wrapping). For more informations please contact us, we'll be glad to answer all your questions.

  • Q: What are the payment methods?

    A: All payment methods are listed in the Conditions section, in the site menu.

  • Q: How can I put a musicafilm banner on my website?

    A: Contact us and we'll talk about it.

  • Q: Who can I contact for any question?

    A: Paolo Pelloni (Music section) and Stefano Caselli (Cinema section)

  • Q: Can I order a product that doesn't appear in the database?

    A: Yes, but in this case it's important to provide as many info as possible about the item (Director, Artist, Label, Distribution, etc..).

  • Q: Do you also sell TV series?

    A: Yes, and it's possible to view them by using the Search By Genre option in our Movie DVD section. Our TV series database is extremely complete and up-to-date, and we'll shortly open a dedicated section too.

  • Q: How can I know if a DVD is available? How do I know if DVDs are available now?

    A: Product status is visible in search results and in the Product Profiles, next to the price.
    Product status:
    1. Delivery within 24/48 hours
    2. Delivery within 10/14 days
    3. Not available