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Un grande catalogo con novità, rarità, b-movie e film d'essai. La gestione del database prevede l'inserimento quotidiano e costante di tutte le novità su DVD, HD DVD e Blu-ray Disc (BD) dal mondo della musica (concerti live, compilation di successi e best of) e del cinema (film, serie TV, fiction televisive, documentari).

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Delivery typologies

Musicafilm.it provides three types of delivery, each one characterized by different features in order to satisfy every need of the costumer. The typologies are:

  • Simple air mail (First-class mail)
  • Full air mail (Certified mail)
  • Express Courier

The costumer himself can choose the typology while ordering and it is constrained to the numer of products ordered.
Poste Italiane imposes limits in the size of the pack for the shipments via posta: if the order respects those limits, you can choose this kind of delivery; otherwise the costumer will be warned with the message "not available" written in red in the shopping cart.

Here the detailed characteristics of the three types of delivery.

Simple air mail

It usually has a delivery time of 24 working hours in Italy and 4/5 working days abroad. The payment via Cash On Delivery (COD) is not allowed.
As the First-class mail is the cheapest delivery, it doesn't provide any insurance in case of failure, of a theft or in case of the damage of the products.
Musicafilm.it is not responsible for the delivery failure and it doesn't send another product unless the costumer will buy it again.

Full Air Mail

This typology usually has the same delivery time of 4/5 working days both for Italy and abroad. Payment by COD is applicable for deliveries to italy with an additional cost of €1,87.
The Certified mail provides supplementary services such as the traceability of the delivery, the stop deposit and the delivery insurance.
Musicafilm provides the free new send of the product just in case of the lack of the delivery for causes not attributable to the addressee, in all the other cases the product won't be send again unless the addressee balance the new shipment costs.

Express Courier

The Express Courier usually delivers the products in 24/48 working hours in Italy and in 2/3 working days abroad. You can pay also by COD (to Italy) with an additional cost of €4,00.
The Express Courier provides supplementary services such as the traceability of the delivery, the stop deposit, the delivery insurance and the chance to interact with the pony express in order to agree on the consignment of the goods by calling the phone number (+39)
Musicafilm.it provides the free new send of the product just in case of the lack of the delivery for causes not attributable to the addressee, in all the other cases the product won't be send again unless the addressee balance the new shipment costs.

Shipment costs

Shipment costs are calculated as follow:

  • Selected delivery tipology
  • Selected way of payment
  • Destination of the goods
  • Number of products ordered (weight and sizes)

Shipment costs are calculate as mentioned above and are then divided into three types of costs which, added up, cause the final cost:

  • Basic cost
  • Packaging
  • Cash on delivery

The delivery basic cost changes depending on the destination of the goods and on the weight and sizes of the package. This is the only dynamic value subjected to a discount or modification.
The packaging cost is fixed and it's always added to the cost of the order.
The COD cost is a fixed and is added to the order cost just when you choose "COD" as way of payment.

In caso di pagamento tramite contrassegno, il fattorino è autorizzato a ritirare esclusivamente contanti. Non saranno accettate altre tipologie ti pagamento.

Purchase conditions

The delivery of goods bought on DVD MUSICA SRL is handled in the following methods:

  • First-class mail
  • Certified mail
  • Express Courier
  • Self-collection at our office.

You can pay with cash on delivery (only for deliveries within or to Italy) or by:

  • Money transfer
  • Authorized Credit Card
  • Postal money order
  • Cash Payment at our office

Payment with credit card for items purchased on DVD MUSICA SRL website are made in collaboration with Banca Sella S.p.A., which is directly connected to the international bank networks. All transactions are perfectly safe and are carried out through a secure server, certified by Verisign.
The credit cards enable fot the payment will appear in the column on the left and are:

  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • Sella.it
  • Poste Pay
  • Mastercard
  • Carta Sì

DVDmusica srl will never, in any moment of the transaction, see or register any customer's credit card code. This particular procedure of payment verification also allows DVDmusica srl to reject orders coming from stolen credit cards, thus preventing any illicit transaction and protecting the interests of both customers and company.
Any invoice has to be explicitly requested and will be send together with the order.

Payment by Bank Money Transfer

  • Account number: 052867721120
  • ABI: 03268
  • CAB: 12902
  • CIN: O
  • IBAN:
    IT 66 O 03268 12902 052867721120
    (the fifth character of the code is an uppercase letter "o", not a zero)
  • Registered to DVDMUSICA SRL at Banca Sella - Agenzia Modena 2

Pay attention: DVDMUSICA SRL will send the products just AFTER having received a copy of the receipt of the payment; in order to avoid misunderstandings and, above all, to receive your order as soon as possible, you have to send by fax (at the number +39-059-237447) or by E-mail (ordini@musicafilm.it) the scanned image of the receipt.

Payment by Postal Money Order

  • Account number: 71615553
  • Registered to: DVD Musica S.r.l.

Please quote as causal the order number found on the confirmation email.

Return request (D.Lgs 50/1992 e DL 22/5/ n. 185/1999)

Should items received from buyer be substantially different from what showed on the webside or, in any case, not match customer's expectations, he can submit a return request within 10 days from the delivery of the shipment.
Necessary condition for a return request to be accepted is the actual integrity of both item and its packaging.

In order to request a return, the buyer must send a registered letter with advice of receipt addressed to:
DVD MUSICA SRL - P.le Natale Bruni 14 - 41100 - Modena
Stating his wish to return an item (as set out in D.LGS. 185/99 of 22/05/1999, application of the community directive 97/07/CE) and specifying:

  1. The order number (IDO) written on both the confirmation e-mail sent after the purchase and the order history page..
  2. Product code of the item that is to be returned.
  3. Personal details (First name, last name, address, telephone number, account number and holder for the account the refund will be credited to, bank ABI and CAB codes).

DVD MUSICA SRL will make a bank transfer to the provided account number, sending a notification email immediately after. Refunds are not comprehensive of shipping charges and will be made as soon as the items are returned to DVDMUSICA SRL.

Rendering of damaged products

If the good received is defected and unusable, DVD Musica is willing to replace it with an equivalent one if and only if the following appeals will be followed.
First of all, we advice to try the DVD in two different players, to see if the problem really belongs to the disc.
nce you are sure that the DVD is bad, you should send an E-mail to info@musicafilm.it or call at the number 059-237447 trying to describe the flaw you found. Then you have to send it back to us within 7 days from the delivery date, sealed and overstuffed, toghether with the packing list and the SIAE Coupon (if it is on the external packaging) of the DVD.
Once we have received the DVD, we will check the mistake on the basis of your direction and in different DVD players; When we have checked that the product is really damaged, we will provide to substitute it immedialtely without charged you of the shipment costs. If the DVD is no longer available, we will give you a same value gift token adding the shipment costs you paid.

Biographical cards

We allow you to send us the biography of an artist both if the biography is already in the website but you want to add something and if it doesn't appear.
Every biography will be read by our editorial office and then published with the name and the surname of the writer, just after the authorization of this one to modify something.
You can send your texts to schede_bio@musicafilm.it.

For any further information contact us, we'll be glad to answer to your questions.