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Live 3:16

Live 3:16 - 2003

New Order - Live 3:16 - 2003
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Technical info

  • Regions: 2
  • Disc number: 1
  • Production year: 1998
  • Release year: 2003
  • Runtime: 132 Minutes
  • Audience Rating: G (General Audience)
  • Package: Keep Case
  • Screen ratios: Fullscreen (4:3)
  • Support: DVD: Single side, double layer
  • Colour: Colour
  • Compilation: No
  • Concert: Yes
  • Video: No
  • Documentary: Yes
  • Former rent: No
  • Used: No

Audio tracks

  • English - Pcm Stereo


  • English
  • German
New York 81. Reading Festival 98. And in conversation.New Order rose out of the ashes of Joy Division, Britain's legendary post-punk band that came to an end with the death of lead singer Ian Curtis. The remaining members reassembled and took their music in a brighter, more experimental direction, becoming pioneers in an innovative new acoustic/electronic sound that paved the way for Techno. 316 showcase the band in an early performance from their first year together, in one of their greatest concerts - the Reading Festival '98 - and then in candid conversation discussing their long and pivotal career. This is a rare opportunity to experience one of music's most purposefully enigmatic-the group doesn't even credit individual performers-and influential modern bands.



  • New York 81 - November 81 (Taras Shevchenko)
    1. Icb
    2. Dreams Never End
    3. Everything's Gone Green
    4. Truth
    5. Senses
    6. Procession
    7. Ceremony
    8. Denial
    9. Temptation
  • Reading Festival - 30 August 98
    1. Regret
    2. Touched By The Hand Of God
    3. Isolation
    4. Atmosphere
    5. Heart And Soul
    6. Paradise
    7. Bizarre Love Triangle
    8. True Faith
    9. Temptation
    10. Blue Monday
    11. World In Motion


  • Direct Scene Access
  • Interactive Menu


  • The Band Here Are Filmed Speaking With Journalist, Fan And Fellow Mancunian Miranda Sawyer.
  • An Amazing Pyrotechnic Array Of On-screen Menus
  • In Conversation
  • Filmed At The Ampersand Club, Manchester. Rarely Seen In Interview

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